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A magnifying glass sits overtop a spreadsheet with undefined chart values and undefined bar graphs.

Pitfalls when trying to achieve “off-balance sheet” financing through leases

Many of our clients have bank financing that requires certain covenants to be maintained. Some of these covenants restrict the amount of debt that can be put on the balance […]

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A silver pen, metal-framed glasses and a small calculator placed atop papers with undefined data.

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Accounting Firm

Hiring an accounting firm is a big step for a business. It is a milestone, since the decision to hire accounting help usually coincides with the realization that the business […]

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Blonde woman sits at a table with a laptop and coffee. Man standing behind. Hand on her shoulder.

How much assurance do your financial statements need?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, assurance means “something that inspires or tends to inspire confidence” – a very attractive quality for a set of financial statements. You want your investors, creditors, […]

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