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About Us

It’s really about you

While this is called the About Us page, it’s really about you. Everyone we’ve hired and trained, everything we’ve done, and built, has been so that you can experience optimal financial health.

Our Past

This commitment began back in 1963 when 2 accountants, Ross Farnham and William Gerald decided that businesses in Mississauga deserved the quality of professional advice one would expect from a big firm but delivered with the care of a local member of the community. Like the businesses we’ve helped and guided over the decades, our own business has evolved and grown, with Ross’s son, Steve, joining the firm in 1985 and subsequently taking over the helm.

Our Present

The firm continues to grow as a leader in the caring support of entrepreneurs and their families, with the goal of ensuring that each and every client achieves optimal financial health.

What does this mean practically, you may ask? It means that you’ll experience quality professional guidance delivered with the understanding that your business, family, retirement and estate planning goals are integrated—that optimal financial health encompasses all of these areas. What really sets the experience apart is our team’s dedication to building authentic, caring relationships. Your best interest is always the focus through our three foundational pillars of Care, Quality and Candour.

One of the simplest and yet most powerful ways this is demonstrated is our “permanent team” approach—our commitment to ensuring that you always have at least two professionals dedicated to you and your file. There is no revolving door of junior associates and there is always someone to speak with who knows you, your business and your family from personal experience. This means faster results and no wasted dollars.

Our Future

The leadership of Farnham is committed to ensuring this legacy, and mission, of humanizing accounting services endures into the future so that you will always experience support you can trust. To that end, as we continue to grow, we recruit using two filters:

  1. The first is technical and professional excellence. There are no compromises on skill.
  2. The second is an authentic passion for working with entrepreneurs and their families – we want people here who get it, understand that nothing is achieved without hard work and risk, that every successful entrepreneurial endeavour is a family affair.

Our ongoing technical training, dedication to a culture of excellence and universal commitment to our firm mission and values ensures that we remain at the top of our game and continue to deliver on our promise of Care, Quality and Candour.

Values We live By

How we do business every day

Since opening our doors in 1963, we’ve built our success by living out our values. These values are what have allowed us to build the 3 pillars that define who we are as a company: Care, Quality and Candour.

Our values are not just words on posters that hang in the staff kitchen. They are a constant topic of conversation and reflection to ensure you always receive the service you deserve.


We keep it real. We build trusting relationships by being honest, transparent and completely candid. We’ve grown and continue to grow the successful firm that we have today through cultivating authentic and ethical relationships with our clients.


We constantly sharpen our skills, both through formal continuing education and by sharing our expertise with our colleagues so you always have access to reliable information or advice and, therefore, peace of mind.


We focus on finding solutions rather making excuses. We communicate, clarify and confirm expectations—yours and ours—so there are no surprises. And we use resources—yours and ours—wisely and respectfully.


In short, we treat others how we wish to be treated. We listen before we speak and respect you enough to always tell you the whole candid truth. Over many years we've cultivated long-standing relationships that have built mutual respect among returning clients.


We create relationships, not transactions. So, we consider not only what is good for us, but for others. We strive to make every interaction one that advances that relationship. We are supportive of each other, both our clients and our colleagues.


In short, we embrace kindness. We look for and express gratitude for the good in our lives. We embrace challenges that allow us and others to grow. We give of ourselves and our abilities while allowing others to do the same.

Community + Our Culture

Making an Impact


Run for the Cure

Each year our Farnham Team participates in the CIBC Run for the Cure event through our local Mississauga chapter. This year we raised over $6,000 more than the goal we set of $15,000. Since the start of our participation in this cause, we’ve raised almost $100,000. It’s inspiring to run as a team outside of the office and to work toward a common goal of changing the future of breast cancer.

Positive Impact

Community Foundation of Mississauga

The firm supports the Community Foundation of Mississauga through its Mississauga Partners Program and participation on committees. Through working with donors wishing to create a charitable legacy, this important charitable organization supports many essential programs and services for members of our community.

Team Culture

Individual Contributions

At Farnham we make a point of welcoming employees who genuinely care, and who exhibit this compassionate attitude, not only in the workplace, but outside as well. Our employees volunteer their time to various local organizations to make our community a healthier, more just, and safer place to live.

What Our Clients Say

The Farnham team brings a depth of experience and they truly listen and understand my specific tax-related and cash flow issues, enabling them to provide me with tailored and bespoke tax solutions.

Peter Camm, President @ Lucerix International Corp.