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Three Pillars

The Farnham Experience

We are on a mission to revolutionize what an accounting firm can be for our clients. Your experience with Farnham is built on 3 foundational pillars:


We only bring onto our team—whether our advisors or our support staff—people who truly care about and respect entrepreneurs, their families and their futures. That means you’ll always know that the person you’re dealing with has your best interests in mind.


Because of who we bring in, how we manage your affairs and how we deliver our services, you’ll be secure in knowing that the quality of analysis, advice and materials you receive is always at the level you’d expect from leaders in the industry.


This may be the most powerful pillar. Because we care, we will never sugar coat the advice we give you. We don’t only tell you what you want to hear; we take a stand, tell you the truth and give our best advice. As a result, you’ll have the confidence to make informed decisions that lead you to better financial health.

Our promise

The Farnham Pledge

Because these Pillars are so critical to our business—and as we know that a relationship of trust isn’t built on words, but actions—we decided to back them up with specifics that you can hold us to.

More About Us

Here to Serve You

You’ll have a permanent, dedicated team rather than “whoever is available.” That means there will always be at least 2 people you can reach out to who know you and your file from personal experience.

Deadline Driven

We keep our promises and meet our deadlines. Commitments to our clients are built into our values and are something we practice every single day.

We Keep Connected

You’ll always know the status of your work because we keep you informed. In other words, we won’t disappear and leave you wondering what we’re doing with your file.

We Accommodate You

Understanding that different people have different expectations about their participation, you’ll be involved to the extent you want to be.

User Friendly

You’ll receive candid, practical advice because we will take a stand. You’ll always know where we’re coming from and what our take is on a particular issue.

Quick Response

You’ll receive a response within 1 business day of contacting us. You and your business are important to us and we understand that it’s vital that you hear back in short order.

Our Expertise

Experience you can trust



Executed with passion, audits and reviews are opportunities to take a deeper dive into our clients' businesses and add value, while meeting mandated reporting requirements.

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Practical, timely and accurate tax advice, based on decades of experience and state-of-the-art tax research tools.

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Our team of professional certified accountants makes sure that you receive personalized attention and that you benefit from the diverse skillset of our whole team.

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The adage that it’s lonely at the top really does apply to the entrepreneur business owner, who often has to make difficult decisions in relative isolation.

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What Our Clients Say

Having worked as an investment banker in NY and Toronto for 30 years, I have worked with many accounting, tax and financial service advisors. I consider Farnham to be amongst the best and they are the only choice for my personal tax matters.

Steven Latimer
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Tools & Resources

Get Organized

Financial planning just got a whole lot easier with our interactive tools and resources. Check our calendar for upcoming due dates, download a form from our tax library. All you need—at your fingertips.