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Gabriella Gielarowiec Staff Accountant

Gabriella graduated from the Schulich School of Business, where she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Accounting, as well as a Master of Accounting. She successfully completed the 2018 Common Final Examination (CFE) and is in the process of obtaining her CPA designation.

Gabriella joined Farnham in 2018 as part of the assurance team, where she performs audit and review engagements for a diverse pool of clients. Coming from a family of small business owners, Gabriella understands the value of a trusting client-accountant relationship and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Outside of work, Gabriella volunteers in the realm of financial empowerment, where she assists low-income community members with their income tax returns and basic financial planning. Gabriella also enjoys cooking, reading bestsellers, and partaking in a variety of winter sports.